Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrush


Toothbrush made with a sustainable, compostable bamboo handle and dark brown nylon bristles.

We are so excited to share this product with you as it is one of our favorites we have tested especially paired with our charcoal tooth powder (no more stained bristles)!

A few facts about bamboo toothbrushes:

A lot of bamboo toothbrushes that claim to be compostable fail to mention that in order to compost you must first remove the nylon bristles with tweezers.

Did you know that the only fully compostable toothbrushes are animal based? Typically using pig hair that is a by-product of the Chinese meat industry. This might be the right choice for you. This hair would otherwise just be thrown away. However, if you are not a meat-eater or only support meat from humanely raised animals, you may find nylon is the best option for you.

Some toothbrushes claim to be made with bamboo bristles but I urge you to put these to the ‘burn test’ (do they burn or melt?) as we have not found one yet that doesn’t appear to be polyester or nylon.

You may also have heard that there is one type of Nylon that biodegrades without pollution. The difficult issue here is knowing for certain whether this type of Nylon is actually being used where it is claimed. It is also worth considering that real life is different than lab testing and there is little third party proof of this being the case.

Good news is new alternatives are being developed and tested every day!

For now, we believe that the bamboo brush with nylon bristles (removed) is the most sustainable option for ourselves and are excited to share this product with you.

There are a handful of plastic free and natural bloggers you can find that have done more comprehensive lab testing of several major brands. We urge you to look into this yourself if you find it interesting and know that we are following them religiously in hopes that an even better option is developed soon. You’ll be the first to know when we find it!

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