Hannah Velie,  Founder

Hannah Velie, Founder

We are here to simplify your search for natural basics.

We happily put in the work to source the highest quality ingredients and products so you don’t have to. We prioritize sustainability, fair trade, american made, and local to our farm in Virginia whenever possible. We never test on animals and always consider human and animal welfare in our purchasing.

Locally sourced ingredients may vary seasonally but include: raw beeswax, raw honey, turmeric, lavender, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, rose water, aloe, lanolin, and cold pressed berry, grapeseed, and sunflower seed oils.

We recycle all of the shipping materials and other waste we create in making our products and you can expect to receive your products using bubble wrap and paper wrapping that is on its second and even third life. When we do have to buy new shipping materials we only buy 100% recycled paper and cardboard that can be easily composted or repurposed (with the exception of tape, we always welcome alternatives and ideas on this one <— ).

We make only the items you really need and will actually use in your daily routine! We do our best to price competitively with other much larger conventional brands whenever possible to make the transition to natural easier for you and your family to budget. If you have any questions about bulk ordering in larger containers or wholesale orders always feel welcome to contact info@youreinluckfarm.com.

We accept back any used containers for a $1 credit per container towards your next purchase. To avoid the cost of shipping these returned containers, this is easiest to redeem at markets and other direct sales events (you can find a comprehensive list on our events page) but you can also return and redeem at High Tor Gear Exchange here in Charlottesville, Virginia.

More questions about us? Always feel welcome to contact info@youreinluckfarm.com and let us know what you think or what you’d like to know more about.

You’re in Luck Farm’s goal is to provide top quality, sustainable, plant-based products for your daily life using simple but effective recipes inspired by nature.