All-In-One Face Scrub

All-In-One Face Scrub


Gentle enough for your face. Tough enough for your feet. Too many uses and benefits to count. Welcome to a product that will revolutionize your morning routine. This gentle pumice based exfoliating scrub also has the power to deep clean, detox, and tone and moisturize and it comes in three essential oil/healing clay pairings. All-In-One means your life just got a little easier.



Peppermint Detox features detoxing Bentonite Clay and Tea Tree essential oil for a classic scent and light tingle that is sure to wake you right up!


French Lavender is calming and soothing and features French Green Clay which acts as a detox and toner.


Clay Cleanse is a deep healing scrub featuring Dead Sea Clay, Moroccan Red Clay and Frankincense. Excellent for oily and dry skin alike, works wonders on break out prone skin, scars, eczema and more.

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