Raw Honey Mask

Raw Honey Mask

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A simple mask with simple ingredients that is mixed and ready to be applied!

French Clay and Lavender: This classic and simple mask is relaxing, detoxing, and toning. Great for a home spa day or just before bed.

Red Clay and Frankincense: A winning combination of two true 'cure-all" ingredients. Whether you're worried about break outs, trying to heal scars, or even soothe eczema, this is a great one for all skin types.

Charcoal and Tea Tree: This mask is great for a deep clean and detox. Particularly good for fighting and preventing break outs, you can use it as whole face mask or as a spot treatment!

Turmeric and Sandalwood: In the past we've called this mask the 'Fountain of Youth' because of Turmerics anti-inflammatory benefits paired with Sandalwood's ability to combat wrinkles and fine lines. Great for all ages, dark eye circles, etc.

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