Sandalwood Deodorant

Sandalwood Deodorant

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Our Beeswax Deodorant is a recipe developed by us farmers to be hardworking and long lasting (even on hot summer days) all from sustainably sourced plant based ingredients and locally sourced raw beeswax.

We are so concerned with the food what we put in our bodies that we often forget that we should take the same care with what we put on our bodies! 

Our simple six ingredient recipe: shea butter, coconut oil, arrowroot starch, raw beeswax, sodium bicarbonate (aluminum free baking soda), grapeseed oil, and essential oils for scent. (Sandalwood is a blend of sustainably sourced Sandwalwood essential oil with complimenting Frankincense and Patchouli essential oils).

  • As of Jan. 2019 our Sandalwood Deodorant is only available for direct sales through our website and at our markets and events. This is due to the limited availability of sustainably sourced sandalwood oils and the ever fluctuating price. By keeping this scent to direct sales only we are able to offer it at the best price possible with out having to factor in wholesale discounts to larger retailers effecting our margins. As such we have left this product out of our redesign and we will still be using our kraft paper labels on this product (also to help reduce the cost of this product and subsequent pricing). Due to it’s popularity with our customers you need not have any concern about us discontinuing this product completely. Thank you for understanding! For updates on future availability or any other questions please contact

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